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Exempting Use of Process Water for Dust Control from APP Regulation 

Completing APP Data Gap Analysis and detailed Permitting Strategy for Mining Client

Exempting a Structural Facility from APP Regulation by Demonstrating No Discharge 
Setting Alert Levels in Point of Compliance Wells 

Assisting a Mining Client with Review of Financial Assurance and Replacement of Financial Mechanism

Reducing the Freeboard Requirement to 1 Foot to Allow for More Discharge Capacity 

Exempting Facilities from APP by Demonstrating Inertness of an Ore Pile and an Overburden Pile for a Mining Client

Demonstrating No Further Action for Closure of a Facility Incurring an Illegal Discharge to Soil

Preparing numerous APP original and amendment applications for various clients

Preparation of numerous Determination of Applicability applications

General APP advice for any APP issue including General, Individual, and Area-wide Permits

Supporting Industrial Clients with RCRA Hazardous Waste Issues
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